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SDK 11 Welcomes The Year of the Snake

What’s more exciting than celebrating the Chinese New Year with SDK 11 BPK Penabur. Dressed in Red as symbolism of warding off evil spirits, the students welcomed The Year of the Snake with much enthusiasm last February 13th 2013.

The event started off with a drama performed by the students to show, as well as educate everyone about the traditions in China. Throughout the morning, the children went around the booths provided at different stations. They each received a mandarin orange, a traditional symbol of abundance and good fortune. Big thanks to the parents who volunteered in giving not only these oranges but also such delicious Chinese cuisines.

The students also had a glutinous rice cake, also called as Nian Gao. This rice cake were cut into small cubes then covered with shredded coconut, a recipe from one of the Mandarin teacher in the school, Laoshi Elizabeth. It was indeed delicious that some of the students would come back for it.

One of the highlight of the event is the actual making of Bakpao! The teachers demonstrated how Bakpao was made. It was filled with either crushed peanut or chocolate. The students were so amazed that some were even taking notes, hoping they could make one at home.

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The Chinese New Year is awash in symbolism. Red symbolizes good luck. Lanterns represent light. Firecrackers are used to scare away demons. Sweets are eaten so that “life will be as sweet as sugar”. These are just few of the hundreds of the symbols in which Chinese believes in. A booth containing different Chinese decorations, clothing and many more were displayed so that students can learn about the customs and traditions of the Chinese people.

Receiving “Ang Pao” from the parents containing money and a chocolate gold coin made the students really happy. This symbolizes blessing and good luck. The celebration did not end here. The students went back to their respective classrooms to make New Year cards and calligraphy of Chinese characters.

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The colour, drama and stories of the Chinese new year celebrations really are something to behold. Chinese New Year is a huge celebration, and it is becoming more important as we evolve into an ever more multicultural society.