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Swimming Competition

Hello! My name is Samantha I’m from SDK 11 PENABUR, grade 5. This is my swimming experience. On Wednesday, February 12Th, me, my brother, and his friend went to SDK PENABUR International in Kelapa Gading. We went there for a swimming competition. I entered the 50 meters breaststroke category. I felt so nervous, but maybe it was just because I’ve never entered a swimming competition before.
I kind of found out that it was a bit weird that when I was reading about the swimming competition it mentioned there was a semi-final and a final round. But as soon as I finished, I realised we were being timed, so I guess that meant there were no semi-final and final rounds. But I didn’t lose either because I won second place. It would be okay if I lost because we always need to learn from our experience, so it really was a wonderful trip.





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