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Fieldtrip to Godong Ijo

On October 13,2015, all Primary 4 classes at SDK11 Penabur went to Godong Ijo for a fieldtrip. We went there on 3 buses. It took us two hours to arriveat Godong Ijo. The weather was so hot so we need to use a hat.
Soon after we arrived at Godong Ijo, we saw 5 alligator fishes in the aquarium outside the cafe. We listened to the tour guide and went out to play enggrang. There are two types of Enggrang. First, Enggrang with two long bamboo rods and the second, Enggrang using coconut shell with ropes attached to the shell. Enggrang is a kind of traditional game in Indonesia.



After playing Enggrang, we also went to the field to fly a kite. The tour guide told us to make 13 groups. Each group must have 3 students. We flew the kite, we went to the shelter place because it was starting to get very hot. In the shelter, we built a kite. After we built a kite, the tour guide gave us another kite to decorate. When we finished, we washed our hands and went directly to the Batik making shelter.
We used “malam” to draw the batik on the handkerchief. We painted the handkerchief with different colors. Then , we washed our hands again and went to the cafe to have our lunch. After lunch, the primary 4 students went out to see an arapaima fish and phyton snake.
Finally, we prepared our backpacks and got on the buses that would take us back to school. That was really a very fun fieldtrip.


Writen by Leonardus Dion, 4D.


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