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At D’Kandang Farm

On Monday, 17th October 2016, grade 2 students had a fieldtrip to D’Kandang, Amazing Farm. This is an educational trip which is related to our Science lesson – ‘Animals and Plants’. After our visit at the farm, we have learnt how to grow, take care, and harvest the plants. We are also experienced how to milk the cow. The most excited one was roding a horse.

We were so special that the guide had welcomed us with fresh milk and jelly. Right after we had our refreshing food, we continued our excursion. We went around the farm and saw a unique way to grow plants. This is called “Kokedama”. It is a Bahasa term which sounds like a Japanese language. The soil is covered by colorful wool yarn and formed into various shape like star, cube, etc. The plants looked fancy when it is hung.



Planting time! Yes! Everyone was excited. We started by digging the soil and put the plants inside the soil. The guide told us that the plants should be watered sufficiently at home.

According to the guide, there are two kinds of Spinach, the green and the red. We were told that red spinach is good to increases the blood.

As we go farther, we have seen the “Kerbau Bule”. Since it is called “Bule”, we thought that the buffalo is from England. Actually it came from Jepara.



We could say that milking the cow was unforgettable experience. We milked the cow by our hand. It was more fun when we have given a drink to the baby goats. They were very thirsty. Lastly, we had a fantastic ride – Riding a horse! Oh we loved it very much.


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Finally, it was time to go home. But we won’t go home with bare hands. We brought vegetable and plant. Hooray!

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