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Fieldtrip To Cimory Riverside

On April 12 th 2017, grade one students of SDK 11 Penabur visited Cimory Riverside. We really excited in our trip. We learned a lot of things about diary product at Cimory Riverside.

When we arrived. We were warmly welcomed by the trip guied. First, we drunk a cup of strawberry milk shake together with the beautiful scenery in front of us. Then, we watched interesting movies about dairy production such as, milk, yogurt and chocolate and made chocolate milk shake.


After that, the trip guide took us th the cow barn. It was the most exciting activity  of all, milking ………..yea !!


Finally, the time had come for us to go back to school. We very happy  to have fun learning of Cimory Riverside. We were even happier when we may bring some fresh milk and yogurt from Cimory. “One day I want to go on field trip to Cimory again !” said one of students.